Saturday, January 16, 2016

Three Dietary Changes That Promote Progesteril

I am a 50 years old woman who works part time in a small town college. I am married with two kids. The irony is that the kids are mid-school pupils yet I am in menopause… I really don't know how this happened but I can tell you that I was not informed on this menopause topic. At first my menopause hit me hard. I experienced unpredictable hot flashes and night sweats. My work was greatly affected since I lost focus on the whole teaching and counselling thing. Majority of my energy was focused on taming my moods, I had to take at least two glasses of wine just to get through dinner.

ProgesterilI found myself at a crossroad, I had two young children - too young to understand whatever is happening to me - an underpaying job and a loving husband who was more than willing to provide but with high expectations when it comes to bringing up the kids. My menopause had come to critical point that it was threatening my family life, professional life marriage and my daughters' lives. It reached a point where I was no longer worried about vagina dryness or bone loss, all I wanted is to get myself in control.

I came across a product called progesteril. Progesteril is a cream that has natural remedies to the negative side effects of menopause. I started using the cream immediately hoping to get my menopause under control. As per the progesteril directions of usage, I applied the cream twice every day. In the morning I applied on the bum and at night on the breasts. I did this for more than three months and I must confess that the product tuned my life around completely. I was so thankful that it brought my anxiety and moods in control.

I was able to focus on my kids again. My job was no longer boring and I didn't feel like I was being underpaid. I woke feeling happy and ready for the day. It was not before long before my energy was felt by the whole family. It was like we were all reborn. I felt an obligation towards my daughters and I took the responsibility of educating them on the changes that life brings. I didn't want my girls growing without having the relevant information like it was in my case.

Before you decide to get your own tube of progesteril, here are foods that will support the positive effects of progesteril. Menopause unavoidable. It is certain! But most of its symptoms are manageable. Here are three dietary changes that might make all the difference

Eat More Fruits and Veggies

My doctor suggested that I take more fruit and fresh green veggies to manage my menopause. It doesn't necessarily meant you will have to cook them. In my case, I used to chop them and take them like snacks and salads. Another great way I took my fruits was to blend into juice or a fruit punch. To decorate the punch, I would add some of the greens to the fruits. The fruits and veggies will not only benefit your menopause, but they will also help improve your skin smoothness and keep it young. Fruits and greens are loaded with minerals and vitamins that are critical for your overall personal wellbeing.

Limit High Fat Foods

Had I mentioned the increased weight? Well, I was adding weight faster than a wet rug. It was like everything that entered my mouth was converted into fat deposits. In addition to increasing the fruit and vegetable intake, you will want to cut on the fatty foods. According to nutritionists, fats should make up only 25-35% of your daily calories intake. You will want to limit your saturated fat intake to something less than 7%. This means that you will have to settle for lean meat over fatty red meat. If you are going to take dairy products, then you will have to settle for the low fat products. You will get healthy fats from nuts, salmon, seeds, sea food, and coconut milk.

Drink More Water

This should come by default. When the oestrogen levels in your body drops, your skin will become drier than normal and this includes the vaginal area too. Taking more water daily may help with the dryness. Additionally, my doctor said that water will reduce the amount of bloating that takes place during these times of hormonal uncertainty. You will want to take at least 8 glasses of water per day. You can take melons or pineapples slices if you get tired of taking too much water… eeh caffeine is not included here

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