Friday, October 23, 2015

Prevagen - Read the *Shocking* Review Before You Buy Prevagen

About Prevagen

This is a brain supplement that is responsible in restoring memory to an aging individual. The dietary brain supplement is made up of one main ingredient; apoaequorin which originally was discovered from a certain species of jellyfish. Research has it that as individual ages, the capability of the body to produce the particular protein decelerates. An occurrence of this makes the individual to lose about 30,000 brain cells on a daily basis. This effect comes alongside an experience of difficulties in memory, focus and concentration. Prevagen therefore counteracting this problem by supplementing the proteins in order to aid support to the brain cells which in turn improve a healthier functioning of the brain. The product has been tested clinically and proven to be best a solution to mild problems of memory experienced during the aging process.


This product can be obtained from its official website page, which has the prices as follows;
  • $59.95 for a bottle of 30-counts. The bottle is designed to last for a month with a dosage of 1 capsule per day.
  • A small discount is offered for a one yearly supply purchase.

Manufacturer Information and claims about Prevagen

The company behind prevagen is USA based, Quincy Bioscience. The manufacturer claims that the product is made up of 10mg Apoaequorin, an ingredient patented with protein that is obtained from Aequorea jellyfish and has been proven to aid in solving mild memory problems. They state that with a 1capsule of Prevagen daily consumption can help improve your memory just within 30-90 days. The company adds that this product works effectively to produce the claimed results without any side effects.

How Prevagen Works?

Prevagen is made up of an ingredient, Apoaequorin extracted from jellyfish that has a powerful ability to support the brain cells activities. It is studied that the proteins production in the brain slows down during aging, an occurrence that may lead to the brain cells damage. Prevagen counteracts this problem therefore, while restoring memory to an aging individual.

The Ingredients of Prevagen

Apoaequorin 10mg
  • A unique protein that was discovered to be extracted from a certain species of jellyfish called Aequoerea victoria.
  • Bearing the nutritious value of a protein, Apoaequorin improves the functioning of the brain and the nervous system.
  • Balances the processes occurring inside the brain
  • Maintains and keep the brain from damage, enabling it to perform the daily tasks that your brain strains to do at an optimum level.

Benefits of Prevagen

  • A lot of information is provided in the official website for further knowledge about the product.
  • It is made up of a unique ingredient and formula called Apoaequorin.
  • It is efficient in counteracting memory problems.
  • There is a clear and reliable video provided in the website to explain the product in a simpler way.
  • Is a natural extract from jellyfish

The Drawbacks of Prevagen

  • It does not bear effects to focus and mood which are also brain problems experienced during aging.
  • Is not effective to individuals whose brains have a good memory.
  • The recent studies about the main ingredient, Apoaequorin, have proven to be limited.
  • Its purchase prices are unnecessarily expensive since there are other nootropics that offer a variety of benefits but with the same pricing.

The Dosage Instructions

Take one capsule of prevagen on a daily basis. The manufacturer however prescribes a maximum of 3 capsules of prevagen daily; for individuals who prefer to.


While on this product, it is advisable that you keep yourself ever hydrated because some brain supplements lead to body dehydration.

The Side Effects of Prevagen

The product has so far proven to bear less or no side effects from the fact that it is made up of only one ingredient that is a natural protein. No complication has been drawn from the users reviews and the conducted studies. Considering that this conclusion is based from researchers experiences, it does not imply that you should ignore a negative effect you notice with your body's interaction. Quit using Prevagen for some days if you experience any negative interaction.

Does Prevagen Interact with other Medications?

Reviews and studies do not reveal any negative interaction of this product with other medications like Lumonol, Ceraloft etc. It is otherwise recommended that when you observe any reaction, you stop usage for some few days.

Final Verdict

Aging is an inevitable process that comes along with difficulties such as loss in memory, focus and concentration. There are several ways in which an individual can counteract this. With Prevagen supplement consumption, you get to regain your memory just within 50-90 days of a daily use. This product bears many benefits especially from the fact that it is made up of a natural ingredient, Apoaequorin which supports the brain cells. The product is worth of try especially for individuals aged above 50 and have experienced difficulties with memory.

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