Monday, August 17, 2015

Synagen IQ: Does it Really Improve Your Memory?

About the Product

Synagen IQ is a brain enhancement supplement designed to improve memory, focus and overall cognitive function. It is a dietary supplement made with natural ingredients only. It also works to boost energy level for optimum mental performance. The formulation can also be used by individuals who are experiencing a decline of brain power due to aging. It is said to treat the symptoms of brain power decline (from aging) like poor memory, difficulty in concentrating and reduced focus. The price of one bottle which contains 30 capsules is $49.99.

Manufacturer Information

The manufacturer of Synagen IQ is unknown but the company is based in Las Vegas, NV. They are not known to offer any other supplement or product.

What the Product Claims?

Synagen IQ
  • Supports both short and long term memory
  • It is an all-natural formulation
  • The formula also works to increase energy level
  • It helps enhance cognitive performance
  • The formula assists in synergizing the brain
  • It helps the user experience clarity
  • It works to improve focus

How Does the Product Work?

There is no specific explanation on the Synagen IQ website regarding the science behind the formulation. However, it is said to address the natural decline in production of certain compounds by the brain which occurs as a person gets older. The formulation replenishes these vital compounds which revitalizes the brain. There are also ingredients that work to boost energy level which is important for improving overall cognitive function.


One of the main drawbacks of the brain enhancement supplement is the lack of details on what it actually contains. Not a single ingredient is specified on the Synagen IQ website. It is only stated that the formulation is all-natural and it is both effective and safe.

Synagen IQ

Product Advantages

  • The product only contains natural ingredients
  • There are several good reviews from people who have tried the brain enhancer
  • It is formulated to improve overall cognitive function
  • There are discounts when 3 or 5 bottles are ordered
  • Shipping is offered for free
  • The product is designed to increase energy level for prime mental performance

Product Disadvantages

  • There is no substantial evidence that it is really effective since it has not undergone independent clinical testing
  • The formulation has not undergone thorough safety testing
  • It is from an unknown manufacturer
  • The ingredients of the supplement is not specified on its website
  • The price of the brain enhancement supplement is high
  • There are some feedbacks saying it is not very effective
  • Some users say it can cause adverse effects

Precautions and Warnings

Check with your physician before taking Synagen IQ if you are pregnant, nursing, under medication or if you have any medical condition. If you experience any side effect, discontinue intake and consult your physician. Follow the product directions carefully and only take 1 capsule a day.

How Long Will it Take to Show Results?

Like most brain enhancement supplements, it may take several days or even a few weeks for optimum effects. However, there are some users who say they feel the effects a few minutes after intake.

Does it Interact with Medications?

There is a possibility that the supplement will interact with medications so consult your physician before intake if you are under medication.

Product Side Effects

Side effects are rare but possible. The side effects of the supplement according to users are stomach upset, jitteriness and sleeplessness. Take the product earlier in the day preferably with breakfast in order to reduce the chance of side effects.

Final Verdict

After carefully scrutinizing Synagen IQ, it is a good brain enhancement supplement worth trying. The formulation is all-natural and there are many good feedbacks from people who have tried it. The product has certain drawbacks as well like the lack of information on its ingredients. However, it is still a solid product for those who want to improve cognitive function.

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