Thursday, May 8, 2014

Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

What is Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector?
This product Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector claims to be a clinically proven serum to visibly reduce dark spots, acne scars, age spots etc.  The manufacturer of this product states it to be a powerful serum that is dermatologically developed to be safe and comfortable. The official website staes this product to have clinical trials stating that this serum was comparable to a leading prescription ingredient in visibly reducing dark spots; a verified 58 percent improvement at 12 weeks. It says to be recommended for all skintones, and promises that you will see results in as little as four weeks with a visible reduction in age spots and acne scars. It is said to be lightweight and versatile, and this layering serum is also appropriate for the backs of hands and chest. The manufacturer says that this formula is appropriate for all skin types and even for sensitive skin that may not tolerate other treatments.

Manufacturer details:
This product is by Clinique brand. Clinique was Estee Lauder's first attempt to expand its market with a completely separate line and image. Yet, shortly after its 1968 debut at U.S. cosmetics counters, this brand became known as the indispensable line for the woman under 30 concerned with breakouts, fragrance-free and oily skin products meaning less likely to cause allergic or sensitizing skin reactions.

Ingredients and their working:
The official website of Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector gives a long ingredient list but fails to mention how the key ingredients work. However, the key ingredients of this product are:
Dianella ensifolia, blackout yeast extract, ascorbyl glucoside, and trametes versicolor extract (all known as effective brighteners); glucosamine and salicylic acid (known as exfoliants);
curcuma longa turmeric root extract and scutellaria baicalensis root extract (known for their antioxidant properties); and lastly glycyrrhetinic acid turmeric root extract (known as anti-irritant).

Moreover this product is infused with plant extracts, salicylic acid, and antioxidants. This serum measured up to a prescription-strength ingredient in company tests, but you don't need a doctor to get it. This takes at least two months of diligent use, for the real fading to begin and you'll need a daily application of SPF 30 or even higher to ensure that you don't acquire new damage as you erase the old.

Benefits of Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector:

  • It promises long lasting effective results.
  • Manufactured with good quality ingredients.
  • Clinical studies for its effectiveness are conducted.
  • No provision available for return or money back guarantee.
  • No presence of natural ingredients is there in this product.
  • No clinical proofs are there on the official website, despite of stating to have been clinically tested.
How to use Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector?
The suggested use of this product is twice a day; i.e. in the morning and at night with two to three times pump; and just spread the serum all over your face after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Some special Tips:
  • Firstly just follow with Even Better Makeup SPF 15 for a perfect finish.
  • Secondly it can also be used on chest and hands.
  • Lastly always wear daily sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher.

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