Monday, May 12, 2014

Drula Vital Strong Skin Lightening Cream

What is Drula Vital Strong Skin Lightening Cream?
Drula Vital Skin Lightening Cream claims to be high whitening and skin lightening cream. It claims to be an effective skin lightening cream that fights against aging signs as well.  It even says to work for anti acne effect. Moreover it promises to fade the pigment spots and make the skin tone even.  This product if used for skin lightening, then the skin becomes noticeably lighter in color within a short period of time. The ingredient present in it that is dioic acid slows down the melanin production and also has an anti-acne effect besides the skin lightening effect. It promises to make the skin smooth with a lightening effect.

Manufacturer details:
This product is manufactured by Drula and the manufacture claims this product to be the most effective amongst all.

Ingredients and their working:
The active ingredients of this product are bearberry, mulberry, licorice extract and scutellaria; containing arbutosides and flavonoides to slowdown the melanin production. There is this key role of Dioic Acid, which is derived from natural plant oleic acid, and it also slows down the melanin production and has an additional lightening effect.

This product also contains an active substance complex of plant extracts, the so called arbutoside. Making the pH value of this product 5.5 Because of the ingredients of the plant extract, this cream is lightly coloured.

Benefits of Drula Vital Strong Skin Lightening Cream:
  • Made with utmost effective ingredients.
  • It is available in tube form.
  • It official website gives proper description on how to use this product.
  • The application procedure of this product is tedious.
  • The manufacturer does not provide any money back guarantee or free trial.
  • No clinical proofs or testimonials present for this product.
How to use Drula Vital Skin Lightening Cream?
This product is to be applies every morning and evening after having cleansed your skin with DRULA COMPLEXION SOAP. Yet, if used for skin lightening apply evenly on the skin. Moreover, if used against spots, melasma or freckles, apply on the affected areas only.

While using this product avoid direct sun during day-time, as UV rays will reverse the lightening effect. Along with this additional use of DRULA SUN BLOCK with SPF 25, during day-time will maximize the lightening effect. It takes at least 4-6 weeks are necessary for a noticeable effect

Thought the product claims to be effective yet, it gives a list of precautions like,
  • Avoiding contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
  • Avoiding application on irritated skin, like sunburn affected.
  • The use of this product is to be discontinued immediately in case of skin irritation.
  • Due to the presence of plant extracts which are sensitive to temperature, the cream jar must be closed after use and store at temperatures under 25°- 30° C.And this may be a tedious job to be followed by some users.

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