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Dermedicine Advanced Skin Care Skin-Lightening Cream

What is Dermedicine advanced skin care Cream?
Dermedicine advanced skin care cream is a rejuvenating daily moisturizer that is effective in the treatment of dry, scaly, aging, over stressed and dehydrated skin. It is a powerful combination of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, essential oils as well as vitamins that together maintain the youthful appearance of your skin. It is suitable for all skin types especially naturally dry skin. It claims to give relief from dry irritating skin in cold weather and it lasts all day long. It improves skin complexion by reducing discoloration and hyper pigmentation and makes the skin bright. 1oz bottle costs $70 and it seems that there is no money back guarantee provided to the customers.

Ingredients and how do they function
The active ingredients used in this product are vitamin E, Persea Gratissima, Hyaluronic acid, Glycine Soja and Saccharomyces/Copper Ferment (Cu Complex).

Hyaluronic Acid is commonly used in skincare products and it is produced naturally in the body. It provides volume to intercellular matrix by maintaining moisture. It prevents skin aging and gives it a healthy appearance.

Vitamin E rejuvenate your skin, it contains antioxidant ?-Tocopherol that is effective on the connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) gene. It stimulates the expression of the genes that increase the production of collagen as well as regeneration of the extracellular matrix.

Copper Peptide Complex is another ingredient used in this product; it is the best metallic micronutrients that repairs skin tissue. It is a peptide that provides copper micronutrients to the cells for stimulating collagen and reducing skin damage from free radicals.

The use of essential oils derived from Soybeans and Avocados condition the skin and gives it a vibrant appearance.

  • It reduces hyperpigmentation and diminishes skin discoloration
  • This cream contains hyaluronic acid that deeply moisturizes your skin
  • It is suitable for all types of skin
  • It repairs dry flaky skin
  • The texture of the cream is greasy and doesn't absorb well into the skin
  • It has no money back guarantee and it is highly expensive
  • It has no positive customer reviews to support the claims
Dermedicine advance skin care cream deeply moisturizes your skin, use it according to your daily requirement. After application let it absorb into the skin completely.

Side effects
This product contains all natural ingredients but the exact amount of each ingredient is not given. Copper peptides when used in moderation help in regeneration of the skin. The excessive use of this peptide can promote free radical damage and breakdown of collagen instead of averting it. The topical use of this peptide causes redness, irritation amongst individuals having sensitive skin, particularly around the tender under eye region.

Final word

Dermedicine advanced skin care cream claims to soothe naturally dry skin and prevents itching and discomfort. It is a good moisturizer that lasts throughout the day. One thing that bothers that, this product costs too much but doesn't have a money back guarantee. Fortunately all its ingredients are natural but exact amount is not shown. It can irritate skin that is sensitive and can cause redness or make the skin condition worse. 

Where To Find It

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