Monday, April 28, 2014

Gentle Glow Brightening Cream

What is Gentle Glow Brightening Cream?
Clear, radiant and beautiful skin is the dream of every woman. But this cannot be easily achieved. It requires a lot of maintenance, attention and proper skin care; and this is directly linked to the use of effective and proper skin care products. This job of getting the right product is the most tedious job and everyone is not successful at it. Plus a wrong skin brightening cream may make you land nowhere with all possible facial skin issues.

Gentle glow brightening cream claims to be one of the best skin brightener, which is affordable by almost every woman. It claims to brighten dull skin as give you a deeply moisturized skin while working to even skin tone and improving the clarity and radiance of your skin. Moreover it states to soothe and softens the skin thus restoring a beautiful glowing sheen and a youthful glow.

Ingredients and their working:
Well the official website of this product lacks a well explained and full ingredient list, thus making you skeptic on the efficacy of this product. The only ingredients mentioned by this products official website are:
  • Coconut oil
  • Glycerin
  • And Hydroquinone,
All of which are utmost effective and beneficial for the skin and claim to treat a lot of skin issues thus giving you a clear skin. But in what composition they are present in this product and what they actually do when combined with other ingredients of this product is not that well known and not explained by the manufacturer of this product.

Benefits of Gentle Glow Brightening Cream:
  • This skin brightener works on all the facial skin issues.
  • It is cost effective and affordable by all women.
  • There is no detailed ingredient list present for this product.
  • The products official website gives no clinical proofs.
  • There are no testimonials for this product.
  • No money back guarantee available for this product.
  • Free trials could also not be known.
  • The reviews for this product are also not that pleasing.
Direction for using Gentle Glow Brightening Cream:
This product is to be applied as a thin layer at night to cleansed and dry skin for quicker absorption. It is recommended to follow up with the skin protect SPF 50 sunscreen and limited sun exposure, in order to maintain an even skin tone.

Well the official website of this product is firstly difficult to track and besides this it does not mention the basics of this product, giving a feel like all the claims are mere gimmicks. Plus there are no proofs to believe on, it only has affordable price, nothing more than that.

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