Friday, April 25, 2014

Anxietall - Mood Stabilizing Supplement

What is Anxietall?
Anxietall is a natural product made for both men and women who want to reduce stress and anxiety. It provides a feeling of tranquility and relaxation by enhancing your emotional wellbeing as it is formulated with effective ingredients that work together to eliminate stressful feelings, they restore vital neurotransmitters that are important to maintain a healthy life free from all worries and stress. The manufacturer claims that each ingredient is present in the precise amount but exact amount is not given. This can be a matter of concern for individuals who are conscious enough about their safety. However they are natural that can lower depression and anxiety. Results vary according to individuals; it may take a long time to give effective results. For unsatisfied customers, the product offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

Manufacturer details

Vitegrity, a Nutraceutical company manufactures Anxietall; it also develops other quality supplements with a purpose of improving overall health and wellbeing.


Ingredients and how do they work
Anxietall contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that are natural and effective for restoring peace and tranquility.

  • Melatonin: This hormone is secreted by the pineal gland that is present in the brain. It keeps other hormones in balance and maintains the circadian rhythm of the body.
  • Valerian: This flowering plant has been used in herbal remedies and mainly as a sedative.  It can decrease nervous tension, anxiety, promote sleep, ease congestion as well as relieve muscle spasms.
  • Wood Betony: It is known for its sedative actions and can help in alleviating stress and keeping the mind relaxed.  The whole plant contains glycosides and flavonoids which can lower blood pressure and so effective in lowering stress.
  • Skullcap: It reduces spasms and muscle tension, it also induces sleep without creating strong sedating effect. It has been used in Chinese medicine and also reduces high blood pressure.
  • 5-HTP (5-Hydydroxytryptophan): 5-HTP dietary supplements help to increase serotonin levels in the brain which regulates your mood. It works positively on symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleep and mood.
  • It dramatically improves your mental condition by increasing serotonin levels in your brain
  • It claims to be non - sedating and non - addictive
  • Like other products, it offers a money back guarantee
  • It keeps your body and mind relaxed and tranquil
  • There is no specification about how long this product works
  • It doesn't suit sensitive people
  • It doesn't work effectively, gives temporary results
Before taking Anxietall, consult your doctor, this is important to avoid any complications if you suffer from any medical condition. This product can also react with other medicationsYou can take this product daily, it is recommended to take 1 capsule twice in a day. Be sure not to exceed the recommended doses.

Side effects
This product is not completely safe; it contains Valerian that is known for some side effects such as insomnia, excitability, headache and uneasiness. The long term safety of Valerian is unknown, so consult your doctor for proper advice.

Anxietall contains natural ingredients that that boosts GABA for reducing anxiety and stress. But one ingredient can cause certain side effects, it is Valerian that is not completely safe, it is known for certain side effects. You cannot take a risk of using this product if you have any medical conditions, it may react with other medications. You can search for other products that help to give effective results; this product doesn't give permanent results.

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