Monday, February 17, 2014


History over Whitenicious
Nigerian-Cameroonian pop musician Dencia is immediately being the talk of social media networks and Nigerian blogs with the launch of her "skin care" line Whitenicious. Whitenicious claims to assist customers rid them-selves of irritating dark spots by progressively lightening the hyper-pigmented areas of their skin. Nevertheless, from the appearance of Dencia's own skin, she's been using it (or even something more effective) to enhance her skin color from deep mahogany to vampire white.

About Whitenicious
Clutch magazine claimed that as per the Whitenicious web-page, the skincare cream (priced between $50-$150) is a "fast performing, seven day dark spot remover" which is "a moisturizing cream advanced with effective natural active ingredients that will nourish your skin and lighten up dark ankles, knees as well as elbows." Several Nigerian beauty blogs exhibit before and after images of Whitenicious users showing their once glowing dark skin changed to milky white.

Dencia has been influxed with criticism (and praise) with regards to her skin-toning line via Twitter, however she isn't fazed. Along with re-tweeting links to outlines of her product, she's been dealing with critics who deride her for promoting as well as capitalizing on self-hate.

Other than the risk of resulting in unusual discoloration and spots, these products nearly all consist of mercury, and cause cancer. However the Nigerians don't care, because they'll consider most things to look White. Additionally, they quite possibly don't really know what cancer is, and will die of AIDS before they might have time for it to understand anyhow.

Some facts
Skin-bleaching has serious consequences. Skin burns, rashes, as well as long lasting abrasions are common. Furthermore lots of creams consist of harmful amounts of mercury, and some contain agents that can cause leukemia, also cancer of the liver and kidneys. Knowing this, skin-bleaching has grown to be a multibillion-dollar enterprise all over the world. Even though the exercise is extensive in Africa, the industry's demand expands far beyond the continent. Almost 40 percent of skin-care products in China contain bleaching agents, and in Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Republic of Korea admitted to bleaching.

Last words
However it is one of the effective cream, there are so many lightening creams and serum available in the market that are really safe and effective. Olay, City Lights, Dermagevity these are some well-known brands that offers really good creams. Best Luck!

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  1. They dont know what cancer is and may die of AIDS before they do anyway right. Too bad for the americans buying the cream knowing they will get cancer.