Monday, February 24, 2014

White Lightening Beauty Cream

What is White Lightening Beauty Cream?
With this change in environment and increasing stress day by day, a lot of skin issues take place, the first and foremost being skin darkening and appearance of dark spots on facial skin. These negative changes of facial skin arise the need of a good and effective skin brightener, which has the benefits of anti-aging as well. Aging is also a factor responsible for skin darkening.

This product White lightening beauty cream claims to be a skin brightener whose formula is said to be rich in B-carotene along with vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin E. These ingredients are incorporated in this formula to lighten the skin and make it manageable and satin-smooth. This product claims to have components and active principles to be specifically analyzed to deep-nourish the skin, thus protecting it and give this feeling of well-being and much beautiful skin.

Manufacturer details:
The manufacturer of this skin brightener is said to be Caro, a brand that manufactures various body and skin improvement products.

Ingredients and their working:
As far as the ingredient details are concerned, not much was known about the ingredients of this product. Its official website does not give any description of this product ingredients, it only mentions about the ingredients.

The ingredients said to be present in this product are:  Petrolatum, Stearic acid, Mineral Oil, Isopropyl myristate, Cetearyl alcohol, Methryl & propylparaben, Glycerin, Huile de Carrote, Vitamine E present in a quantity of 0.2%, Hydroquinone 2% Aqua and Fragrance.

Benefits of White Lightening Beauty Cream:
  • This product comes with various effective vitamins in it.
  • It is affordable and quite effective.
  • The official website of this product is difficult to find.
  • Ingredient details of this product are not given on its official website.
  • The official page of this product does not give the basics of this product.
  • Online purchase option is also not given.
  • No clinical trials or reviews are there for this product.
  • No money back guarantee known.
How to use it?
This product is to be applied twice a day, regularly for effective and quick results.

An effective product is the one gives all the minute details on it formulation as well as usage, but this product certainly lacks all the basics. Moreover there are a lot of factors of this product that are a reason for it to be flayed by the user.

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