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Meratol Reviews: Does it Works?

Meratol is multi-action weight loss supplement that promises to boost metabolism, reduce fatigue, enhance alertness coupled with endurance all in one pill! With lots of UK media attention making it one of 2011's number 1 UK promoting diet pill, we find out if Meratol is an excellent fat burning supplement, an alertness pill or the result of clever marketing? Including the ever popular hottest ingredient (literally!) at the moment Capsicum Extract (found in red hot chilli's), Meratol possesses total 4 weight loss ingredients, they claims that ingredients are clinically proven to help eat less and burn more calories.

Meratol Ingredients:

Cactus extract: This ingredient helps to reduce blood sugar level so that it can be responsible to suppress the appetite heavily.
Brown seaweed extract: It aids to reduce carbohydrate intake by up to 82%.
Prickly pear: It is responsible to boost metabolic function for burning unwanted fat.
Capsicum extract: This ingredient helps to burn calories before they can be turned into fat.

How does it work?

Meratol works quite simply by boosting the metabolic function which usually enhances the price exactly where food is digested and transmuted into energy in the body, which means that less of the food you eat turns into unused fat. Meratol does this with the help of three ingredients which have been proven to boost metabolism along with the effects are obvious whenever you take the supplement; your energy level increases quickly. It may be highly recommended to still diet despite having the effect the supplements might have as the pills do have their limitations and you may not lose as much weight if you continue to eat normally.

The Good:

It contains several promising ingredients
They provides good energy boost and reduce weight slightly.
This supplement helps to lose 2 - 5 lbs every week.
It speeds up the metabolic function.
According to the manufacturer, this pill allows consumers to burn 12 times more calories than before.
It is less pricy.

The Bad:

The manufacturer do not provides any money back guarantee.

Customer Reviews:

Weight was never an issue for me as much as it was a preference. I can't say I have ever been overweight however I have always had the urge to lose just a few extra pounds. I have looked into several weight loss pills which scared me away. I wasn't prepared to gamble with side-effects especially since my weight loss needs weren't exactly urgent. Meratol™ was the only food supplement pill I could find that was completely side effect free and actually good for my health. In just 2 weeks I lost 7 lbs. and felt a big improvement in my overall health. I would recommend Meratol™ as both a weight loss pill and as a good dietary supplement. Source: meratol

I saw an advert for Meratol and thought it was worth trying. It's been a mixed experience. I did feel a bit more energetic but it didn't have much effect on my weight loss. After a couple of weeks I thought I'd start a small diet as well as taking them, this helped a little bit and I lost a couple of pounds a week. I don't think I'd buy them again as they just don't seem to have any weight loss effect.
Source: dietpill-reviews

Now on my second lot of these and I have to say I'm not convinced they work. I generally eat quite healthily and do a fair but of exercise but wanted help to shift the half stone I had put on after 2 holidays abroad. Won't be buying a 3rd lot - will probably just make time to do more exercise! They may work better for people with a lot of weight to shift
Source: amazon

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